Netvue II Internet Camera - The Simple Option
Simple to use IP camera netvue II with no router programming.
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baby monitor camera no need to program your router
Netview IP camera for baby monitoring or as a granny cam etc.
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NetVue II is much more than a simple internet camera, you can view live or recorded video and listen to audio, record footage day or night for up
to 7 days and watch the recorded footage on your smartphone, tablet or directly on your PC. Its motion detection feature means NetVueII can
alert you instantly, wherever you are. With built in Wi-Fi it is simple to set up and can be used almost anywhere Wi-Fi is available.

Best of all Netvue II is really simple to set up, you just scan the QR code with your smartphone to quickly configure the camera there is no
need to enter long serial numbers or open ports in your router. Within minutes you can have your camera up and running with full remote
access over the Internet. Use it as a Nanny cam, granny cam, baby monitor or for watching the pets when your not there - anything you like.

With built in motion detection and recording you can use it as a security camera which will alert you when it detects movement. It has a
microphone and lodspeaker for two way audio built in too. Compatible with Apple and Android smart phones and tablets this is the simplest
IP camera to set up there is. Just 3 steps and your ready to go and it can be fully managed from your smart phone, no need for a PC.
Webcams and CCTV over IP is easy with our IP Network Webcams

1. Wi-Fi internet camera, digital recorder & alarm
2. View live or recorded video anywhere in the world
3. Connect using your smartphone or tablet
4. Record direct to SD card
5. Quick & easy setup
6. 3.7mm Lens
7. Built in infra red LEDs
8. Motion detection
9. Plastic internal housing
10. Colour: White
11. Loud speaker
12. LAN port
13. Power input: 12v DC 300mA
14. C/W SD card & PSU
15. Size: 70 x 65 x 120mm (L x W x H)
16. 12 month warranty
Easy to set up no connections to make and no need to program your router either. You just install the free app then use the camera in your
smartphone or tablet to scan the QR code on the rear of your camera. Then select the wi-fi network to connect to and enter the password.
Finally point your phone or tablet screen at the camera and thats it... all done.

Now your ready to view live video any time, any where you have a 3G or wi-fi connection to your phone or tablet. The camera automatically
starts recording to the supplied internal SD card for up to 7 days and you can play this back from your smartphone. At the press of a button
you can instantly start recording the live video directly to your smartphone. You can receive alarm notifications when the camera detects
movement and see a snapshot at the time of the alarm. With the two way audio you can listen in to your premises and even talk back through
the built in loudspeaker. Built in IR LED's let you view up to 10 metres during darkness too.

We use secure and reliable cloud servers to ensure your video is always available to view and you can even share snapshot images directly
with facebook and twitter.

For the simplest method of adding a home camera with remote access direct to your own phone you cant beat the simplicity of Netvue II.