I was born in Bristol and have spent over 15 years in Scotland and the Middle East, the experiences I
choose to share within my artwork.

My paintings vary in shape and size from 77cm x 102cm - to very large. Most paintings are on canvas,
I use various recyclable products that can include artex, grout, water based paints, oils and acrylics
etc. They are all heavily built up from a basic geometrical design and colours are added to provide
vibrancy and depth.

The reshaping of economies and policies along neoliberal lines, all over the world, by means of
unjust invasions and destruction of lives and infrastructures, are shown or rather hidden in my work.

The message is two fold, knowledge of the past, present and future, and the appalling misuse of our
trust in the worlds, elected and un-elected organisations.

The world and universe are full of esoteric messages; some of these messages can lead to an
understanding of our lives, if we choose to look.

Governments with people in prominent positions all over the world, install the new WORLD ORDER.
History will show that global few, long ago, slipped the leash to diminish, knowledge, wealth, and
ethical intent?
(Money is valueless, but ART is priceless!)

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