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Birdland Lake Webcam
Flamingo Lake Bridland webcam - Decommissioned
This one's gone but there are Loads More Here (Historical information about where this camera used to be).

Birdland is situated in the lovely Bourton On The Water, which is a Village in Gloucestershire, that lies on a wide flat vale within the Cotswolds Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. A very pretty place. Here you see the lovely Flamingo Lake.

There are 6 species of flamingo and Birdland have 2 species. All flamingos are pink and obtain the colour from their diet of crustaceans.

Flamingos have quite elaborate courtship displays with dancing and synchronisation, which can usually be seen from April to August.
Sorry but this web cam has now been decommissioned but there are plenty more exciting live streaming webcams to see on our site, so please take a good look around. there is always something interesting to see at Camsecure.
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