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Weatherproof USB Webcams

The Camsecure weatherproof webcam kits are specially designed to overcome the restrictions associated with a normal USB webcam so they are fully weatherproof and can be mounted a great distance from the PC, and still operate with most webcam software. These webcams are fully compatible with our real time live streaming and hosting service too.

We can make up kits to order for any special requirements. Each weatherproof webcam kit consists of a high quality IP66 rated outdoor camera with a 10 metre connecting lead and a high speed USB interface that operates on the Windows operating system from XP up to Windows 10 - 32 or 64 bit and it runs on the Apple Mac too. The camera itself is powered up the same lead from a separate Power Unit (supplied) so there is minimal drain on the PC or laptops USB port. The weatherproof webcams can be fitted up to 100 metres away from the PC and connected via a single cable. The webcams produce lovely sharp images and they work with all webcam programs and any software that has a webcam option. All our weatherproof webcams are easy to fit. Also supplied with drivers for Skype and other instant messaging or social media applications.

Additional extension leads are sold separately in 10 or 20 metre lengths and can be plugged together to give up to 100m between camera and computer. Our Webcam Hosting service enables you to stream real time live video and audio to your website easily. Camera resolution can be set up to 704 x 576 on all USB models.

3.6mm Lens for wide angle
20 Metre IR range
3 Axis Mounting Bracket
Sun shield, IR CutDual Glass
Max resolution on PC 704 x 576

Full Specification


2.7 to 12mm adjustable Lens for wide angle or closer view
30 Metre IR range
3 Axis Mounting Bracket
Sun shield, IR CutDual Glass
Max resolution on PC 704 x 576
Full Specification


20 metre extension lead, plugs into camera lead and other extensions so you can mount the camera at up to 100 metres from the PC, laptop or Mac. Note Colour may vary.


Similar in specification to kit 1, this camera has an eyeball design which is more resistant to vandalism and is a lower profile option.

Full Specificaton


Applications and Uses for our Weatherproof Outdoor Webcams

The Camsecure weatherproof webcam kits have been specifically designed to overcome the restrictions associated with normal USB webcams such a the operating distance from the PC and the environment and therefore they have many more uses including:

Amateur Weather Station Webcams - Many amateur weather station enthusiasts have a webcam as part of their weather station setup but this is often just a standard webcam looking out of a window. With our weatherproof webcam you can fit the camera outdoors and at a great distance from the weather station apparatus providing a crisp clean image of the current weather at the station location.

Here you can see one in action at St. John Payne School weather station in Chelmsford Essex UK. (static and recorded

Animal and Nature Watch Webcams - Our weatherproof webcam kit can be fitted in almost any outside location to monitor animals and wildlife in the countryside or in stables and even just in your own back garden.

Many users of the Camsecure weatherproof webcam kit have been amazed at the activity that occurs in their own back garden including Fox watching, Badger watching and Bird watching.

Garden and Landscape Webcams - Adding a live or time lapse image of an interesting landscape or garden to a website can greatly improve appearance and attract more visitors.

School gardens can be easily monitored and the weatherproof webcam from Camsecure can be a valuable learning aid and will operate with any educational software designed to allow the use of a webcam.

Golf Club and Sailing Club Webcams - The Camsecure Weatherproof Webcam can be put to very great use at sailing and golf clubs as members and visitors can see the weather from the club webpage and decide if its a good time to visit. This will increase membership and generate more interest in the club.

Also for sailing clubs the weatherproof webcam can be used to check the water level of the marina or loch etc. providing early flood and other warnings.

Greenhouse and Agricultural Webcams - Keeping an eye on plants and seedlings can be easily achieved with our weatherproof webcam which can be mounted in hot an humid locations such as green houses and other nursery buildings.

Security Webcam - Ideal for security in the home or office and can be mounted to overlook car parking spaces, gardens, driveways, out buildings and anywhere you need surveillance. Use the supplied free software to record and stream video or invest in one of our commercial packages for a top performance system. See Community Street Watch camera in action.

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