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Playing Your Live Stream

To show your live streaming camera on your own web site, you will need a player embedded in your page. This is a simple task to perform, you simply paste the code we give you into your page where you want the live picture to appear. There are a few player options to choose from, each with different features and styles and you can use different players to match your pages and responsive design if you need to. View this page on a PC or Mac to show the complete selection available.

Select a player to try from the drop down list

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Take some time and have a look at the different options and read the information on each player to help you make a decision on what is going to be the best for your site. If you are viewing on a computer then all the options are available for demonstration, but these options will change according to the device you are using to access this page, that is you wont see the PC compatible option for a player if you are on a mobile device as it would have already switched to mobile compatibility. So to see how the players operate on a computer you must use a computer to view it, and both player options 1 and 2 switch to mobile compatibility automatically when viewed on a mobile phone or other portable device. On all the players you need to mouse over the live picture to show and remove the options available such as start, pause, full screen, time shift playback and volume control.
Player 1

This HTML5 player uses the latest "web socket and media extension" technology. It provides very low latency, high quality video and can stream via HTTPS. This player is new and is being continually developed as the web socket technology progresses.

The player is compatible with all the latest browsers for Windows 10 and the Apple Mac computers, including Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari and also runs on Firefox and Chrome for Windows 7.

The player will operate directly on Android devices in Chrome and Firefox browsers, and switches to the HLS player for compatibility with Apple mobile devices which do not yet support web socket media extensions. The HLS feed also runs on Android. Higher latency will occur when HLS is being viewed.

For compatibility with older browsers and operating systems which do not support HTML5 the player can switch in a Flash player for downward compatibility.

Work is progressing on this new player, at present customisation is limited to a splash screen, colour of the control bar, up to a 12 hour "instant playback" buffer, off air custom video, and custom test cards. Customisation only available on certain accounts.

Note:- Chrome on Windows 7 only has problems with some IP camera models.

Player 2

This HTML5 player uses HLS (http live streaming) technology and will operate with all the latest browsers which support the HTML5 Live video protocol. The player will operate on browsers that do not yet fully support HTML5 live video natively by playing the HLS feed via a flash engine.

HLS by design has a higher latency and this will be apparent on all devices when using this player, which generally is not an issue unless the cameras are being used for private security.

This player can be used on its own operating with computers and mobile devices or it can be used as part of the components of option 1 where computer viewers get the benefits of lower latency and secure HTTPS streaming along with compatibility with IOS mobiles via HLS.

This player is responsive design so as the mobile screen gets smaller the player will resize to fit its container.

Customisation options include background colour, splash screen, loading screen, custom logo and branded control bar plus off air custom video, and custom test cards.

Customisation only available on certain accounts.

Note:- Firefox on mobile only is not yet HLS Live streaming compatible.

Player 3

Flash is now pretty much obsolete in computer and mobile browsers. Although still in use, most browsers are steering away from it and will no doubt stop supporting it in the not too distant future.

However, some older browsers and operating systems are not capable of using HTML5 or other technologies so this player may still have some use for specialised web sites. Also many smart TV browsers have embedded flash and are not HTML5 compliant and many set top boxes still use embedded flash in their operating systems for displaying live video content.

So we still offer a Flash only player for those systems and users intent on using Flash, and this player is also switched in automatically by our main players if they detect a flash system is trying to play the live feed.

Customisation is limited to a logo and splash screen, but the system does allow for up to 12 x hours of timeline - instant playback if required.

Other Options

The players demonstrated are the most commonly used with the most compatibility for streaming to computers and mobile devices in use today.

However we can also provide streams in other formats along with players for them if you need them for a particular use or project. These include:-

Windows Media - Windows Media Player

Microsoft Smooth Streaming - Microsoft Silverlight

MPEG2-TS Broadcasting - Set Top Boxes

These methods are not cross browser compatible and not suited for mobile viewing but some specialised sites still use these methods for in house broadcasting.

Just contact us if you need your broadcast in one of these other formats.

Our players are simple to install in your own web pages. They are brought in to your page via an "iframe" so as player and browser technology changes the players are updated and brought into your web site automatically, meaning you dont have to keep changing codes or parameters, our players will always be up to date and giving you the best media experience to share with your site visitors.
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