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Live Hamster Webcam of Pumpkin The Hamster

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Live Hamster Webcam - Pumpkin The Hamster
Pumpkin the Hamster is a very busy lady. You can often see her on our
live hamster webcam collecting food in her cheeck pouches and storing
it in one of the compartments in her cage.

When she is not storing food shee often likes to re-arrange her home by
blocking up some of the connecting tubes with sawdust and re-opening
others just to make a change.

Now there is also April the Hamster to watch, her next door neighbour.
When its excercise time she will choose one of here Hamster wheels
and run in that for a while until she needs another snack.

As Hamsters are Nocturnal she often carries out this work at night but
she does do a lot of her activity during the day too. The webcam has
Infra Red lights so you can watch her when its dark and the light wont
disturb her as she cant see infra red - just like us.
She does go out in her Hamster ball sometimes when Amelia her owner
takes her for some out of cage excercise and sometimes she goes for a
short stay in a play box while her cage is being cleaned.

However the cage does not stay tidy for long because she loves to
arrange it just the way she likes it. Pumpkin is a Syrian Hamster also
known as a Golden Hamster and they have expandable cheek pouches,
which extend from their cheeks to their shoulders. In the wild, hamsters
are larder hoarders; they use their cheek pouches to transport food to
their burrows, which is why Pumpkin hoards all her food - she is just
being a normal Hamster.
Pumpkin and April the hamsters, Live Webcam
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