Linux Webcam with Microphone
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Weatherproof Webcams - excellent quality
Linux Webcam works with Zoneminder
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Linux Zoneminder Webcam
Windows 7 Compatable Video Captur Cards
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Linux Webcam with Microphone, for Linux and Windows 7,XP, Vista.
Tested on ubuntu
World Wide
Our LINUX Webcam provides hassle-free installation
and ease-of-use, exceptional value, and versatility for
professional or home use on Linux based machines.

The Linux Webcam will also operate on Windows XP
Windows Vista and Windows 7 systems too.

This Linux Webcam features a true 1.3 megapixel
sensor delivering rich, vibrant images and fluid video.

You can attach the Linux webcam securely to ultra-thin
notebooks, monitors and desktop monitors alike, or
place it on a flat surface.

Our Linux Webcam works great with Skype on Linux or
Windows and provides a nice clear picture with good
audio too.

Just plug the Linux webcam into your USB port and you
can start using it with your favourite software and
makes a great Zoneminder webcam.

Our Linux webcams are UVC compatible and operate
with the corresponding drivers already installed within
the latest Linux distributions.

The built in microphone operates via the USB lead too
so there are no extra leads to plug in to your machine
for audio.
Linux Webcam