Heatsinks and Expander for DVR Cards
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4 channel card works with ubuntu
The Camsecure BT878a chip DVR and Capture cards are very reliable units but may benefit from additional cooling in certain
PC case configurations. PCs and their casings are getting smaller all the time and with the reduction in case size items such
as expansion card fans are often not fitted and this combined with the smaller size means heat builds up inside the case faster.
If your building a Windows or Linux based DVR e.g. with Zoneminder and an extension card cooling fan is not installed it may
be wise to fit additional metal heatsinks to the chips to help cool them by dissipating more heat into the flow of air within the
machine. This is especially true if your building a new machine in a minature PC case.

These heatsinks glue on to the chips and if you purchase the heatsinks at the same time as a card we will fit them for you.
If you already have a card and want to buy the heatsinks and fit them yourself then you can but be sure to use the correct
heatsink glue (not supplied) for attaching them to ensure maximum heat transfer and of course make sure they dont fall off into
the machine where they could cause massive damage by shorting out components etc. Camsecure will not accept any
responsibility for damage caused by insecure fitting of heatsinks.
Heatsinks for DVR cards and expanders for BT878a 4 channel 4 chip cards
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Single Heatsink
4 input extender for 4 channel 4 chip BT878 card
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878 Chip Heatsink
Heatsink for the large chip on the 8 port card
Extender PCB for the 4 port 4 chip BT878a 120 FPS DVR card only.
The Camsecure 4 hcannel 4 x chip BT878a DVR card can be expanded beyond its 4 inputs by using a small extender PCB.
This PCB and backplate fits in the expansion slot opening at the back of the PC and plugs on to the expansion pins on the
top of the card.

This allows additional inputs otherwise not used on the BT878 chips to be configured and used as video inputs. However you
must note that using this extender effectively lowers the FPS per channel of the card because as soon as the chip for each
channel is used for more than 1 x input it must lower the framerate available for that chip. If you need maximum FPS across
more channel you should use a card which provides a chip for each channel when using BT878a chip cards.
Heatsink 4 pack
Heatsink 9 pack
The 4 channel 4 chip 120 FPS card can be expanded by using
this expander PCB. In Zoneminder different settings of the
modprobe file are required and when using the Windows
software supplied with the windows cards expansion is
selected during initial installation and configuration of the
software - but
NOTE: If you expand the 4 port card the
frame rate per channel will be reduced
Supplied fitted when ordered with a card