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BT878 Card Windows Drivers

A selection of old and new Windows WDM drivers for capture cards using the Connexant BT878a chip. These drivers include manual install drivers and automatically detected and installed drivers to help you identify which are best for your card.

These drivers can be used with a very wide range of capture cards and TV Tuner cards which use this well know video chip, but we cannot guarantee compatibility with any particular card as there are such a huge variety or cards and clones to choose from. However we have successfully installed these drivers on many machines and with a very wide variety of cards since 2012 when we first started using them. The drivers can be used on 32 bit systems only and the latest version will also run on Windows 7 - 32 bit.

Try the older set first and then if you have no joy try the newer set. Also included with the drivers are some of the original software and programs bundled with these cards, some of which will only run on older operating systems but can still be used to turn that old PC into a fully featured CCTV DVR system.

Drivers are supplied on a CD along with instruction and description documents in PDF format and even information on how to get these cards to operate with Zoneminder on Linux. Once you have the drivers installed and working correctly with the card you can use the card with any Windows WDM compatible program including video processing and webcam software.

Some of the cards that work with these drivers
BT878 cards that have been tested with the WDM drivers
This is the Fusion Connexant BT878a Chip
The Connexant BT878a Chip

The drivers are supplied along with the PDF's and extra software on a CD for just £4.99 plus £3.00 shipping - Total £7.99 GBP


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