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Bodo Harbour In Norway
Bodo Harbour Live Webcam From Norway
Get a webcam like this for your own website Bodo is situated on a beautiful peninsula in Northern Norway. it is the capital of Nordland county and was granted township status in 1816 and it is located just north of the Arctic Circle. Most of the original town of Bodo was destroyed during a Luftwaffe attack on the 27 May 1940 and rebuilt after the war. Due to its open location on a peninsula, Bodo is one of Norways Windiest cities and has a large number of nature reserves which is why there is such a large population of white tailed eagles too.

The port of Bodo viewed on this live Norway webcam is generally pretty busy with lots going on to watch.
An evening stroll on Mount Rønvikfjellet in Bodo, in the winter is a great place to see the northern lights. Suddenly the heavens flare up in ultra-green and red-blue ribbons that flicker from the north.

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