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Land Yacht Webcam - Brean
Brean Sands live webcam from the Land Yacht Club
Get a webcam like this for your own website land yachting on Brean sands appeared round 1920, when locals sailed for fun, having made yachts from the remains of World War 1 aircraft. Since then Brean Land Yachting Club is still going from strength to strength. This is one of two Camsecure IP webcams at the club.

Those who sail these land yachts are called Pilots and these wind powered craft can reach speeds of over 60MPH in a good wind. Land yachting is one of the few sports where men and women can compete on totally equal terms.
The club house is ideally situated right on the front of Brean Sands with parking facilities and an excellent view across the flat sandy beach where the land yacht racing is staged.

The Camsecure IP Webcams for Websites are located on this building and provide a lovely live view of the races and other activities as they progress. The live land yacht webcams also serve as an additional aid to the weather station information which is also available and displayed on Brean Land Yacht Clubs own website.

Live webcams can be put to a great many uses and in addition to our cameras we also provide a 
real time streaming and hosting service. If you would like an HD webcam installed with a real time live feed to your own website then please contact us.

We hope you have enjoyed viewing this live Camsecure webcam from Brean Sands in Somerset South West UK.

We have many other interesting live cameras to watch too so take some time and have a good browse through our website. 
Map showing the location of this live streaming webcam from Brean Land Yacht Club
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