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Brighton Harbour and Marina
Live Webcam Viewing Brighton Marina In Sussex UK
Get a webcam like this for your own website Brighton Marina is an artificial marina situated in Brighton in Sussex, England featuring a working harbour and residential housing plus a variety of leisure, retail and commercial activities.

Brighton Marina is a vibrant place to visit too with bars, restaurants, entertainment and chic shops. Perfect for yachts and motorboats alike, family friendly and fun. Brighton became a destination for day-trippers from London after the arrival of the railway in 1841 and is still a very popular destination for long weekend breaks.
When the London and Brighton Railway arrived in 1841, it brought Brighton within the reach of day-trippers from London. Many of the major attractions in Brighton were built during the Victorian era

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We hope you have enjoyed viewing this live webcam from Brighton Marina, let us know if you need any information on setting up your own.
Map showing the location of this live webcam from Brighton Marina
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