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Underwater Cameras

Our underwater cameras are available in different styles and are great for inspection purposes, demonstrations, fish tank and pond viewing or just for fun. They can be used with existing camera systems or stand alone with inspection monitor and case and there are also IP and USB under water camera kits too. Have a look at the different types and click on them for more information on the model you are interested in.

Underwater Video Cameras - Camera Only

Under water cameras with a standard 1 volt P-P composite video output. Cameras will connect to existing CCTV systems, recorders and monitors that have an analogue or CVBS input. Can also connect to TV's with a SCART analogue input.

Underwater Video Cameras With Carry Case

Under water cameras supplied with carry case incorporating built in LCD monitor. Can be mains powered or run from 12 volt battery for fully portable use. 

Underwater USB Webcam Kits

Under water USB webcam kits incorporating underwater camera, USB adaptor and power supply. Enables the under water camera to connect to your PC or laptop.

Underwater IP Webcam Kits

Under water IP webcam kits incorporating underwater camera, IP Video Encoder and power supply. Enables the under water camera to connect to your network or broadband.

The under water cameras on their own are ideal for integrating into a CCTV system or plugging in to the Composite Video input (CVBS) of your TV or monitor. The cased models make it easy to use the cameras for inspection on site being fully portable with a monitor and even a recording option built in to the case. The USB and IP underwater webcam kits are supplied with a separate USB device or IP encoder and power supply so these stay safe and dry while the underwater camera is deployed. Once connected and programmed they can be used to stream to your own website through our real time streaming service too. Follow the links or click on the pictures to see more details and the full specifications for each model.

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