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Many of Camsecure's customers are radio amateurs so we have made this section for you, in conjunction with the Severnside TV group who also hold a Radio Rally on the last Sunday in June every year. The left screen shows a sequence of video feeds and cameras from the GB3ZZ site and is compatible with mobile devices too. The feed on the right is from the BATC and shows the ouput from GB3ZZ.

Live sequencing video feeds from GB3ZZ - mobile friendly
Live output feed from GB3ZZ via BATC

The sequencing feed above is from a single channel from our 4 channel IP encoder which you can find here. This can stream up to 4 x channels simultaneously to our streaming service which then re-broadcasts it over gigabyte links to multiple viewers who can watch the feeds on computers, mobile phones and tablets. The unit can stream in HD too and even incorprates 1TB of internal storage. GB3ZZ use the other 3 feeds for administrative purposes.

Here are some useful links to suppliers of Amateur Radio related equipment and information.

Map showing the location of the GB3ZZ ATV repeater in Bristol
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