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GB3ZZ Sequencing Video Feed
Sequencing video feeds from the GB3ZZ repeater in Bristol
IP Webcams and Encoders for your own website The GB3ZZ ATV repeater is operated by the Severnside TV Group and this live video channel is streaming 8 video feeds in a timed sequence which include views from inside and outside the station. 

You can also view the input signal meters from the repeater constantly  to check signal strength and quality from the selections below.

When viewing on a PC or other computer, Latency is low, but if you are viewing on a mobile phone or tablet then there will be a noticeable time lag due to the conversion process.

The GB3ZZ feeds are connected to a Camsecure 4 way IP Video encoder which then streams the feeds to our live streaming service which converts the video so it can be viewed on computers, mobile phones and tablets then re-broadcasts it over Gigabyte links to multiple viewers.

However the system can only re-broadcast what it receives and the Internet connection at GB3ZZ does not have a very wide upload bandwidth available so the feeds have been slowed down in order to prevent a data bottle neck.

Map showing the location of the GB3ZZ ATV repeater in Bristol
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