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St. Mawes Webcam
St. Mawes Slipway Webcam from St. Maws Kayaks
Get a webcam like this for your own website At St. Mawes Sit-on Kayaks you can enjoy this Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty from the peace and tranquility of an easily paddled and stable sit-on kayak.

This live webcam shows the slipway at St. Mawes and you can often see people taking to their Kayaks and getting ready for a relaxing trip.

St. Mawes is a small town situated opposite to Falmouth on the south coast of Cornwall.
St. Mawes has an excellent all year-round ferry service to Falmouth which is really useful as although Falmouth is only a mile away by ferry, its a 30 mile trip by road.

St. Mawes is situated on the east bank of the Carrick Roads which is a large waterway created after the Ice Age from an ancient valley which flooded as the melting waters caused the sea level to rise which created a huge natural harbour.

St. Mawes was once a busy fishing port, but the trade declined during the 20th century and it is now a popular tourist location, with a great selection of holiday accommodation.

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We hope you have enjoyed viewing this live webcam from St. Mawes in Cornwall, and have a look at our other webcams from Cornwall and other parts of the UK too while your here.
Map showing the location of this live streaming webcam from Cornwall
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