Wireless Alarm and Home Control Systems
Wireless Alarms and Home Control - Installations carried out in the Bristol, Bath and surrounding areas.
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Wireless Smoke Detector
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Wireless Detector Range
Wireless Intercom
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Burglar Alarm Installation Service for Bristol bath and the South West of England
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Alarm installation service for Bristol bath and SW England
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Our latest wireless alarms are simply brilliant. They provide security, safety, care and control facilities in one complete wireless system package.

Because they are wireless alarms they cost much less to install than conventional systems and are easliy expanded, and because there are no
wires to fit and conceal there is no need for a surveyor to call in most circumstances, which in turn helps to keep the cost Low. You can simply
choose the level of protection you want knowing exactly how much it will cost. Alarms installed in Bristol and surrounding areas for as little as
£300.00 all inclusive.

See below for how to design your ideal wireless alarm system. The home starter complete package is just £300.00 installed anywhere in the Bristol
area, see our Installation Service Area Map for installation costs for other areas we cover. Call Now to arrange an installation, we can usually install
within 3 days of your call. Call 07972 076674 from 8am to 6pm Monday to Sunday Or pay on line and save 2% when we call back to arrange
Our wireless alarm system actually speaks to you to help
you use the system and is therefore ultra easy to use.

You can fill in the on line form or call us to arrange an
installation.....or simply to get more information.

Buy On Line and save 2% - when we call back to arrange
installation times and dates etc.
Design your wireless alarm system

Our basic package is often all you need for a small home system. You get 2 x movement detectors, 1 x door contact, outside sounder with strobe, inside sounder, control
panel with speech, 2 x control fobs and full battery backup. So you can protect the entry door, front of the house, back of the house and have a control fob for you and your
partner all with just the basic package. Of course we will advise you on the suitability and location for any device you choose.
Additional security, protection and features
Additional Movement Detectors - Add these to protect more rooms e.g. if you live in a bungalow with more ground floor rooms than the average house.
Smoke Detectors - Add these to your system for increased protection and safety from fire around your home.
Carbon Monoxide Detectors - For added safety against the build up of poisenous gas around your home.
Special Purpose Detectors - We
have detectors for most purposes
including Smoke, Heat, Flood,
Moisture, Art, CO, Gas, Temperature
and Glass Break. We will always
advise on the suitability of a detector
for a particular purpose.
Speech Boxes and Fobs - Extra fobs can be used for many different things such
as Personal Attack and Medical Alert facilities. We also have wrist band transmitters
and pendant transmitters for the elderly and infirm.

By adding extra speech boxes to your system you can add the facility of two way
voice communication around the house.....wirelessly of course. That way you can
communicate with children or the elderly around your home or listen in to make sure
babies and toddlers are safe. All with one easy to use system.
By incorporating Security, Safety and Care into one system with audio and intercom facilities and even messaging, you have a simple to use and low cost system. By
making it wireless you have even more flexibilty and lower cost installation charges...not to mention how much quicker and cleaner the fitting process is.

Finally the wireless alarm system may be connected to a phone line to contact you at home, work or on your mobile under any security safety or care alert condition and it
can even be monitored by a centra station service. If you dont have a phone line on the premises there is even a GSM option so you can have total security anywhere you

Give us a call today on 07972 076674 to book your alarm installation in Bristol.
A quote costs nothing......... security and peace of mind is everything
Installation service for Bristol, Bath and the South West of England
Simply decide which extra features, devices or upgrades you would like on your wireless alarm system and add them to the basic package. The prices shown include
installation in Bristol and surrounding area - there are no other costs when purchased at the same time as the basic package. Please contact us if you are in any doubt as to
what you need or if you cant see the upgrade you need. You can call us or fill in the online form with your requirements and when we call you back to arrange installation you
can save 2% if you buy on line.
Add Extra Protection at £42.00 per detector inc. fitting
Add Smoke Protection at £45.00 per detector inc. fitting
Add Gas Protection at £45.00 per detector inc. fitting
A whole range of sepcial purpose detectors are also available -POA
Add wireless intercom and monitoring facilities too - POA
Extra control fobs for freinds and family are just £19.99
Installation Services
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