HD SDI High Definition Range Extenders, Splitters and Converters
HD High Definition 1080P CCTV splitters range extenders and converters
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Our HD SDI High Definition range extenders and converters allow you to really get the most from your HD SDI megapixel CCTV cameras. The range extender lets you extend the distance a camera can be connected from the DVR by an additional 75 metres on standard CCTV coax. The HD SDI to HDMI allows you to put a single HD SDI camera directly on to an HDMI monitor. The HD SDI to composite video converter is useful if you really need to put an HD SDI camera on a standard monitor and the 1 in 2 out splitter gives you 2 feeds from 1 HD SDI camera input.
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HD SDI to HDMI Converter
HD SDI to standard video converter
HD SDI Repeater and Range Extender
1 in 2 out HD SDI Splitter
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HD-SDI to HDMI converter
Converts a HD-SDI signal into HDMI, suitable for use with a single camera and HDMI monitor. Supports 720p & 1080p
HD SDI Repeater - Range Extender
This neat device extends the range of our
HD SDI 2.1 Megapixe cameras by 75
metres using standard CCTV coaxial
1 in 2 out HD-SDI splitter
Splits a single HD-SDI input into two independent HD-SDI outputs
1 x HD-SDI in
2 x HD-SDI out
110 × 62 × 30mm
HD-SDI to standard video converter
Converts a HD-SDI signal to standard video signal, suitable for using a HD-SDI camera with a standard BNC monitor