High Definition HD-SDI external IR varifocal all in one camera
HD High Definition All In One Camera with 2.1 megapixel sensor
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40 metre 90 degree IR LEDs built in to our megapixel CCTV HD all in one camera
HD Megapixel all in one SDI camera
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High Definition HD SDI CCTV camera with variable focus lens for use with our HD SDI DVR's Only

High Definition HD CCTV cameras designed for use with our HD DVR range Only. True HD quality CCTV which can be used with existing CCTV
coaxial cabling making upgrading to HD very cost effective. Our HD cameras have Sony 2.1 megapixel HD sensors with a true 1080P output.
They can be used over standard coax up to 75 metres and this range can be extened by another 75 metres using our HD Range Extenders.
Cameras are designed to operate with our HD DVR's but we also have converters to allow a single camera to be used on an HDMI monitor or
BNC monitor too. But note these will not run on a standard CCTV system and are designed for use with our HD DVR's for a full HD System.
Specification: -

1080p HD-SDI
2.1 Mega pixel SONY sensor
3.3-12mm Varifocal lens
IR Cut filter
IR range up to 40 metres
Digital noise reduction
Wide dynamic range
On screen display
Cable managed bracket
Colour: Black
Power input: 12v DC 650mA
Size: 330 x 196 x 124mm

An excellent IR Cut all in one High Definition camera with wide range varifocal lens allowing the camera to be adjusted for a wide selection of
views and viewing distances. The genuine Sony HD 2.1 Megapixel camera module gives you a true 1080P output. This is designed to be recorded
by our HD DVR's and displayed on our HD monitors and these cameras are not compatible with standard CCTV Devices.

We also have range extenders to increase their transmission range over standard CCTV coax from 75 metres to 150 metres plus converters to
allow a single camera to be displayed on an HD monitor or a BNC monitor. Please notethat you will only get a true HD display when using our HD
DVR's amd monitors.
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