Blacksys In Vehicle Mobile DVR - Camera and Recorder - GPS Option
In Car Mobile camera and video recorder
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In car video recorder and camera view facing back towards driver
In car video recorder and camera view facing out through the windshield.
Blacksys Mobile DVR and camera optional GPS module.
Blacksys Video Player Software - included with the camera
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Automatically record everything you see and hear when you are driving. The CW-100 records high quality video and audio on a micro SD card
for playback on any windows PC. Small and unobtrusive, supplied with full fitting kit. Fitted with a high resoloution, wide dynamic range camera
and wide angle lens for high quality video in all conditions, day or night.
World Wide

High resolution recording ()D1 720x480 - Audio recording - Wide angle lens
SD card for recording (4GB supplied) - Wide dynamic range
Incident recording with G-sensor - Emergency button recording
Continues to record after power off - 5 seconds - Speed logger (requires optional gps)
Playback footage on PC - C/W SD card & PSU - Size: 58 x 100 x 29mm (W x L x H)
12 month warranty
4 Channel Mobile DVR
Advanced features include a G-sensor and emergency button and incidents are recorded
with time and date stamp for evidence. A 4GB SD card is included for 8 hours recording.
Whether you are a professional driver spending a long time on the road or just a casual motorist,
you never know when you could encounter road rage or be involved in a shunt at the lights or
any number of other unfortunate incidents and having the evidence clearly recorded can be a
great help for insurance claims or legal matters etc.

Adding the optional GPS module automatically logs the speed you were going and your location
directly on to the video recording.

The G-sensor marks the incident of impact on the recording if an accident occurs and the
emergency button lets you manually mark an incident too.
With the optional GPS module you can track where you have been and even what speed
you have been travelling at using Google maps.
Optional GPS Module
With the supplied Blacksys Player Software you can play back your whole journey direct from
the cameras SD card. Simply remove the card from the camera and take it to your PC or
Laptop - no need to remove the camera from the vehicle. Your PC/Laptop must have an SD card
reader of course. If it does not then USB readers are available from most good computer stores
for a low price.

The player then allows you to play back your whole journey including audio for up to 8 hours
with the supplied 4GB card. If you have the GPS module too then you can also track the
journey on Google maps. Player lets you fast forward and rewind and you can save snapshots
for printing too.
Blacksys Player Software