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Solar and Wind Power Wireless Cameras

Our NEW Eco-Freindly camera range includes solar powered cameras, solar powered speed domes, wind powered cameras, wind powered speed
domes and combined solar and wind powered models too.
All the Eco-Freindly camera range are wireless and are available with an 800
metre range WiFi model for direct Internet or LAN network connection, and
certain models can also be fitted with conventional wireless connection too.

With our Eco-Freindly solar and wind power IP cameras you can easily and
quickly install remotely monitored and controlled cameras, which you can
view from anywhere in the world, in areas with no power, and have full
funcionality as if it were a mains powered and hard wired camera connected
to your CCTV system.
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Camsecure Eco-Freindly camera systems are supplied with a controller which automatically controls charging of the standby batteries from the solar panels and wind turbine
ensuring that the batteries are charged correctly and not over charged and that the camera always has a steady power source. Each component of our solar and wind
powered Eco Freindly cameras are available separately so you can build up the system to your exact requirements using either solar or wind power.....or both to operate your
There are a wide range of camera options available from static cameras to the latest high
speed domes with remote zoom and PTZ controls which can all be fully operated over the
Internet placing your control position anywhere in the world.

For emergency and rapid deployment, temporary protection or just areas where there is no
power, our eco freindly solar and wind powered cameras are ideal.

Full electrical specifications are available on request.
There is a huge range of options available for our eco freindly solar and wind powered cameras so please Contact Us to discuss your requirements.
Contact Us for more information
Our NEW Eco-Freindly Solar and Wind Power sources use 100% renewable resources to produce electrical energy. This power is then used to
power devices such as conventional and IP cameras which are then wirelessly linked to the control point or network or even a mobile network for
worldwide access and control. Batteries are also charged to keep the system running when there is no direct power feed e.g. on a still night in total
darkness. Our range includes Solar only and combined Solar and Wind energy systems from 100 Watts right up to 1 KW of power.
A 12 Volt DC Solar power source which comprises tough Solar Panel, Controller and Battery support system. Ideal for low power systems up to 100 Watts.
100% renewable energy source and fast installation in areas where there is no mains power supply.
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The combination of both Solar and Wind energy with a 400 Watt load capacity at 12 Volts DC makes this system ideal for more high power applications. Available with low cut in and high cut in turbines with 3 or 5 blades to suit the characteristics of the location its to be installed in.
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12 and 24 Volt DC Eco Freindly Power Systems for CCTV
A 24 Volts DC combined Solar and Wind generator system for supplying up to 600 Watts of power at 24 Volts DC.

Combines Solar panels with a high cut in 3 blade wind turbine.
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A 24 Volts DC combined Solar and Wind generator system for supplying up to 1000 Watts of power at 24 Volts DC.

Combines Solar panels with a low cut in 5 blade wind turbine.
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Another use is for rapid deployment of CCTV or temporary installations for shows and other events and
venues. The cost saving over buying and installing a hard wired system for temporary or remote
locations is immense and once you have finished with it at one location you simply move it to the next.

Our solar and wind powered Eco-Freindly cameras will operate up to 800 metres from the nearest
wireless access point Internet connection without boosters and with boosters the range can be
continually extended.

How They Work

Our solar and wind powered cameras work by using renewable resources to power the cameras
directly and also charge its system battery for contnued use when the power source may not be
available for a time e.g. when the sun sets.

Solar powered cameras use large high grade solar panels to provide power and charge the batteries
and wind powered cameras use an efficient 5 blade wind turbine toperform the same task.

By using a combination of solar and wind you really get the best from the natural resources to charge
and run the camera system. As either mode (solar or wind power) can fully charge the batteries under
normal conditions, by using both methods you are virtually guaranteed continued reliable operation
under all weather conditions. Depending on battery capacity selected, you would need a very
prolonged period (days) of total darkness with no wind before the solar and wind powered camera
would cease to operate.

In addition by selecting both wind and solar power for the camera you still have a backup if one side of
the charging system should fail.