4 way capture card for Linux and Zoneminder using a single BT878 chip
Plug for BT878a capture card
PCI Express Zoneminder and Linux Compatable DVR Video Capture Card
4 channel 4 chip BT878 card for Linux and Zoneminder
Zoneminde compatable capture cards
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Video Chip Heatsink
Camsecure CCTV
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8 channel PCI-E video capture card for Linux and Zoneminder tested with ubuntu.
PLX Control Chip Heatsink
4 channel expander pcb for 4 channel 4 chip BT878 card
8 channel 8 chip BT878 capture card for Linux and Zoneminder
Plug for PCI-E capture card
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High Performance 4 Channel 120 FPS Zoneminder compatable BT878a DVR card

Our 4 chip BT878a 4 input capture card has 1 x BT878a chip for each input. This means you get a card frame rate of 120FPS with up to 30 FPS
per camera when all 4 inputs are used. This version is ideal for Zoneminder users who want higher performance across 4 channels but dont
4 input 25 FPS DVR card for Zoneminder
8 input 240 FPS DVR card for Zoneminder
High Performance 8 Channel 240 FPS Zoneminder compatable BT878a DVR card - Note: 5 Volt Slot Required
This means that you can get 25 FPS (PAL) per camera across all 8 cameras.

This is a very stable card and is ideal for users of Zoneminder who want at
least 8 cameras with high performance and frame rates.

A second card can be added to make a 16 channel Zoneminder machine if

To make connection of the cameras to the card easy the 8 channel card is
supplied with a D to BNC fly lead. This lets you connect all 8 cameras
with ease and ensures you only need to use one card port on the PC.
Dimensions - 15cm x 7cm
The Camsecure PCI Express video capture cards for
Zoneminder are high performance DVR cards designed to fit in
the smaller PCI-E expansion slot in a modern PC.

These PCI-E cards adopt the advanced H.264 compression
format and are built using the latest PHILIPS SAA1794 Video
decoder chipset with 9 bit ADC for superior quality video and
lower occupancy of the PC system resource.

The cards are constructed with an optimised PCB design and
layout which guarantees the stability of the card

The PCI-Express DVR card for Zoneminder also has thicker
copper layers which greatly improves heat conduction. This
card is a high performance model and approved for Zoneminder.

Connecting the cameras to the card is easy using the supplied D to BNC fly lead.
8 input PCI Express Capture Card for Zoneminder
Zoneminder IP Cameras
Zoneminder software is FREE and available from the Zoneminder Website
Zoneminder software is FREE and available from the Zoneminder Website
Click for Cameras to go with your card
Click for Cameras to go with your card
Webcams and CCTV over IP is easy with our IP Network Webcams
Need Heatsinks for the chips on your card?
Need Heatsinks for the chips on your card?
Need an Expander for your 4 ch 120FPS card?
This card needs a 5 volt PCI slot - Check Here for more PCI slot information
Zoneminder Compatable Video Capture Cards at Special Prices.
Zoneminder is an excellent suite of CCTV applications for theLinux Operating System. Zoneminder can be used for home security,commercial CCTV
systems, animal watch, baby minder applications, remote monitoring and much more.

Our Zoneminder range of capture cards are specially selected and approved for use with Zoneminder. All our Zoneminder capture cards have been
tested with Zoneminder and are
supported in the Zoneminder forums. Items in this section are offered at a DISCOUNT from our normal price
specially for Zoneminder users.
Note that No software is supplied with these cards as Zoneminder is FREE and available to download here - from
the Zoneminder website. Zoneminder capture cards are supplied with the configuration settings you need to enter into the Zoneminder software.
Basic 4 Channel Zoneminder Compatable Card:

4 Input capture card based on a single BT878 chip providing up to 25 frames per second divided across the used inputs. This means that if you are
using all 4 inputs you will have a maximum of 6 frames per second per camera which is often
adequate for many applications.

The card has been fully tested with Zoneminder and is supplied with the necessary information to
get you up and running with the software quickly.

All cards are tested prior to dispatch and have a twelve month warranty.

If your looking for a budget card to start you off with Zoneminder then this is an ideal and fully
supported card and great value too.

Connection is made via BNC sockets which are directly on the card.
Camsecure 8 channel 8 chip BT878a DVR capture card for Zoneminder. This card uses one
Connexant 878a chip per channel which allows much higher frame rates on all inputs.
More Zoneminder
need the extra capacity provided by the larger 8 channel card. The card is also equipped with a
single video output on an RCA socket to run a local analogue monitor but this is not supported in
the Zoneminder application.

This is the card to choose if you want higher performance from your Zoneminder system and is a
quality zoneminder approved card at a great price.

An additional card can always be added to the system later to increase capacity to 8 cameras if

Video connection to the card is via BNC connectors fitted directly to the card.
Dimensions - 18cm x 10cm
4 input 120 FPS DVR card for Zoneminder
Click for Cameras to go with your card
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