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CCTV Input Output Cards

We no longer support CCTV I/O cards for the simple reason they became pretty much obsolete. It is very rare now that anyone would go to the expense of purchasing a computer then capture cards and then I/O cards to produce an event driven CCTV system when they could simply purchase one of our DVR's with all this ability plus lots more already built in.

The details of these obsolete products are kept here to assist anyone looking to find out about a product they already have and maybe source a replacement. Should you be in desperate need of a replacement we can still get these items on Special Order so Contact Us if you are in need of a CCTV IO card

CS2016 - 16 Input and 4 Output Relay CCTV I/O Card

5008 Input Output card for CCTC use

GV-NET-IO Card for our GV-800B PCI Capture Card

GV800 CCTV IO Card
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