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Webcam Hosting Extras

Customise your basic or standard webcam hosting package to how you want it by adding just the extras you need (Professional plan has everything included already). Just select from the list of add on extra's below and these will be billed separately each month, so you can always remove them later if you dont need them any more.

Full Mobile Compatibility Now Included as Standard

The basic package now includes full mobile support for Apple, Android and Windows mobile devices just like our other streaming plans. We have also doubled the viewer limit for the basic plan to 50 simultaneous viewers too, so now there is no need for the mobile upgrade option as its all included in the new basic plan price of £2.99.

If you are on the old plan plus mobile then you are paying exactly the same for the same service. If you are on the old basic plan only without mobile, and would like to upgrade then just contact us and we can upgrade you in a flash.

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Mobile device support now included on all plans as standard.

Add Time Shifted Playback To Your Basic, Standard or Business Package

Our time shifted playback feature lets you pause your live stream, seek back and replay from any point within the last 4 hours and resume live playback instantly right from the player. This can really enhance your web site display and viewer experience and can be added to your package for just £1.50 per month.

When this feature is enabled the player will display a time line where you can click to seek back in time, jump to live view again, pause, and resume live playback. The timeline is independantly available to all your viewers and we can set the time shift for anywhere from a few minutes to 4 hours of time shift depending on your needs.

Time shift playback is only available on our web socket player. For a full recording system that allows you to download and keep recordings up to 48 hours, see our loop recording feature listed below.

Add timeline playback to basic, standard or business packages for £1.50

Add Camera Sequencer To Your Basic, Standard or Business Package

Our Camera Sequencer feature allows you to stream up to 6 cameras on the same feed and have them sequenced (shown one after the other) to your web page. 

This is a great way to save money if you need to show multiple cameras on your web site but you do not need them to be shown simultaneously, or if your budget cant sustain 6 seperate continual feeds, or as an extra feature to your site enabling viewers to choose to see all your feeds in sequence or just stick with their favourite one.

Your camera feeds can be from different locations so if you wanted to show off the views from your premises dotted around the globe you can just have them added to the sequence.

We can set the delay between each camera being shown from seconds to hours to suit your needs, and the feature works with all our players too.

Add camera sequencer to basic, standard or business packages for £2.00

Add 48 Hour Loop Recording To Your Basic, Standard or Business Package

Add 48 hour loop recording to Basic, Standard or Business packages for £2.99 per month. Records and stores rolling 5 minute clips continually over a 48 hour period deleting the oldest recording first, or you can tell us what times you would like the recordings to take place over a 48 hour schedule, if you only wanted recording to take place in the evenings or daytime for example.

The recordings will be available to download and view via your demo page and the code can be copied into your own website so your site viewers can see them too. Alternatively you can keep them for your eyes only.

Add recording to basic, standard or business packages for £2.99

Extra Simultaneous Viewer Packs for Basic or Standard Package

Your account will have a simultaneous viewer limit unless you have a Pro account. This is the maximum number of viewers that can access your feed "AT THE SAME TIME". If your broadcast is becoming really popular, so much so that you need more people to be able to get on to it at the same time then you can add viewers in batches of 200 extra to what you currently have.

If you add a viewer pack to your basic feed then you will automatically get a FREE upgrade to mobile viewing capability too.

Add 200 more simultaneous viewers for £3.50 per month.

Add 200 extra simultaneous viewers £3.50

Live Channel Option - Switch Cameras And Content To a Schedule

The Live Channel option allows you to broadcast your live cameras, video's and even video adverts according to a rolling 24 hour schedule. Tell us your schedule for your live cameras and video slots and we will program the live channel schedule for you. Once programmed the schedule times can only be altered by us - But you can upload replacement videos and content for your video breaks as often as you wish. So for example if your schedule includes 20 video breaks in a 24 hour period then you are in complete control of what material is shown on your channel during those breaks.

See a live channel demonstration here. Add to your plan for £4.00 per month.

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Add Live Channel Option £4.00

24 Hour Scheduler Option - Switch Camera On/Off to a Schecule

The 24 Hour Scheduler option gives you two On/Off time windows for your camera. This means that you can have your live stream switched on and off automatically twice during the 24 hour period. This automatic schedule is repeated every day.

When your camera is switched off you can choose to have either our standard test card showing or we can play your own custom test card or off line message continually until the schedule switches your camera back on, and once its set up, if your camera goes off line for any other reason e.g. someone pulls the plug out then your custom video message will be played continually untl the camera output restored so your viewers wont just get a blank screen.

You can add the scheduler to your plan for £2.00 per month.

24 hour scheduler animation

Add 24 Hour Scheduler Option £2.00

Brand Your Player with your Own Logo

The Professional and Business accounts include the facility to add your own Logo and player branding to customise the look of your stream.

You can add this feature to Basic and Standard accounts for just £1.00 per month. With this feature we can add your own logo to the player which shows up when you move the mouse pointer over the picture or have the logo show continually. You can have your own brand logo added to the top or bottom, left or right of the picture which can be solid or semi transparent as you wish. We can also alter the background colour of the player and move the full screen icon on to the control bar instead of the usual top right of the picture. You can even have a graphic notification image e.g. a test card show when the stream is off line instead of just a blank screen.

You can add the your own brand and logo to your plan for £1.00 per month.

24 hour scheduler animation

Add Your Own Logo Option £1.00

FTP Camera - for poor Internet Area's

If your Internet Speed and Bandwidth prevents you from having a Live Stream then you can use our FTP camera and FTP hosting. The FTP camera connects to our servers and uploads an HD image at intervals ranging from seconds to hours (of your choosing) to our servers which will then domain lock the image and deliver it to your own web page on demand.

You can use your own Website Host instead providing that they can accomodate Standard FTP transfer protocol. Otherwise you will need our service. 

Note that our service only operates with our image rename FTP camera here which also allow live streaming so if your Internet speed gets increased in the futur you can easily upgrade your account to real time live streaming.

We can host your FTP camera for £1.99 per month.

FTP Webcam Hosting

FTP Camera Hosting £1.99

Multi-Site or Third Party Website Sharing

Your live webcam stream is protected against 3rd party web sites "hijacking" your stream and using it as their own. This practise would use up your viewer count that you pay for. Direct linking to our service to "hijack" streams is also actively prevented as this is stealing data and resource from us.

If you have more than one main website of your own and want to add your camera to those too, then we can either share your viewer count across them both at no extra cost or provide a generous discount on a second full stream.

If you want to give a 3rd party website access to your live webcam and show it on their site too then this can be added to your plan for just £1.99 per month for each additional domain. This will make additional basic resource available for each additional domain. Payment must be made from existing customer.

Any 3rd party website that is allowed access to your stream must comply with the conditions for 3rd party access which can be found here.

Multi Site Streaming

3rd Party Site Access £1.99

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