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Stream from Smartphones

Mobile Streaming and Recording for the Ultimate in Flexibility

With our low cost mobile streaming package you can turn any Android or Apple mobile phone into a mobile broadcasting and recording system. you can use the service for rapid deployment security monitoring, mobile security, temporary security and event monitoring, broadcasting live sporting events, social events, news broadcasts, educational broadcasting, inspection and relaying your progress live, the possibilities are endless.

Being literally as portable as your mobile phone, you can broadcast from anywhere, farms, buildings, areas with no power, mountains, aeroplanes, ships - anywhere you can carry a mobile phone and can get a 3G/4G or wifi signal. Now you can have truly mobile streaming with a recording option, directly to your own website and to multiple recipients from a piece of equipment most people already own. See list of features here.

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How To Stream From Your Mobile Phone

Once you have signed up for your streaming account, you download the free App to your Android or Apple smartphone or tablet.

You then enter the details that we email to you after you opened your account, into your phones App settings.

Run the App and tap the start broadcasting button, and the phone or tablet connects to our media servers and starts streaming your deivces camera live. Its that simple.

Once you have entered the code we supply you into your own website, your site visitors can log on to your page and see your broadcast when ever it is on - live.

If you have also chosen the record option then when ever you stream from your mobile phone the video is recorded to our servers so you have a record of the broadcast which you can download and store permanently or use in marketing material, anything you like.

Of course you dont have to make the feed public, you can choose how public or secure your page is, you can have it for personal use or shared within your business or company on your company website.

Use your mobile for on the fly video recording or broadcast a trip, event or news cast to an unlimited number of people, live all around the world. The choice is yours and you can do it immediately from your own mobile phone. If you dont have your own website but would still like to have the facility to stream and record from your mobile phone so your friends and family can enjoy your holidays, trips and social events then we can make a live feed page up for your own personal use on our servers.

Just think what you could use your mobile phone streaming account for.

Personal and Family - Relatives who cant be at a family function like a wedding or birthday can watch it live as if they were there. You can show the views from your holiday appartments or live stream one of your friends called up on stage at a party.

Construction and building - Show clients how their new property is progressing in real time and give them a live tour around the property to show how construction is coming on. You can show contractors the site live before they travel there so they are better prepared and show any problems there may be to the bosses and decision makers who can view the feed live back at head office and make decisions straight away.

News and event broadcasting - your own personal news feed is now in the palm of your hand, travel to the event and broadcast it live to your viewers. With the record option, when ever your camera starts to broadcast the live video is stored on our servers so nothing is missed.

Construction, education, health, service industries, emergency services, utility companies, media companies and more, all can benefit from our streaming service using technology thats already in their posession, a mobile phone.

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