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Welcome to our Knowledge Base

Hello and welcome to our Knowledge Base section. If your just getting into Webcams, CCTV, IP Cameras, or Video Streaming then its easy to become baffled by all the products, software and terminology used.

Have a look through the topics here and we are sure you will find what you are looking for. We add to this section frequently but please feel free to contact support with any additional queries if you cant find the answer here.

Hosting and Streaming Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequently asked questions about our low cost and advert free webcam hosting and video streaming services.

How Our Streaming Service Works

How our video, audio and webcam streaming services work for you.

Run your own live webcam, broadcast your own webcast or set up your own Internet TV or Radio station.

Webcam Hosting and Video Streaming Features

List of features and prices for our live streamiing and hosting services and if you cant find the plan you need, give us a call and we will work one out for you.

How to get your webcam streaming to your website

Instructions for setting up your streaming USB or IP webcam and how to get the stream into your own web pages.

USB Webcam Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions regarding our range of USB webcams.

USB Video Grabber Frequently Asked Questions

Questions and Answers all about our great USB Video Grabbers / USB Video Capture.

Live Streaming, Image Pull and FTP Explained

Explanation and demonstration of three methods that can be used for live webcam images on your own website.

How to Wire RJ45 Network Leads for IP Cameras

Colour codes and wiring diagrams for RJ45 patch leads and cross over leads for IP cameras and networking requirements.

Making your camera visible on the Internet

Steps required to make your IP webcam visible on the Internet

FTP Your Webcam Images - What You Need To KNow

Information needed and steps required to be able to FTP webcam images to your site.

How to Automatically Email Your Webcam Images

Get your webcam to email images on motion detection for security alerts.

How to Get Over Your Dynamic IP Address Problem

Getting over the Dynamic IP problem is easier than you think without having to spend money.

Outdoor Webcams - IP or USB?

A look at outdoor webcams to help you choose between an IP or a USB model for your own website.

Using DOS Commands to help programming your camera

DOS has some neat commands like Ping and ARP which can really help. Here's how to use them.

Differences Between a USB Webcam and an IP Webcam

They are both cameras that can be used on the Internet but the differences between them are essential to know.

What Is Meant By A Megapixel Webcam?

Megapixel Webcams produce stunning results when compared to the normal variety - here's why.

Dual Glass Technology - What It Is, How It Works

Dual Glass Technology is a simple invention that has made a large difference to all in one cameras.

What Is A Mechanical IR Cut Filter?

IR Cut Filters are used in the best Colour/Mono switching cameras to provide the best all round performance.

IR Cut Filters Improving Our Colour Vision

See how IR Cut Filters give us the best of both worlds - night vision and True Colour.

Infra Red Light and Camera Responses

See how the visible light and infra red spectrums are used by modern cameras

IR Illumination Rule - Calculate Your IR Requirements

Rules and Equations to help you calculate the lamps you need for your covert IR illumination.

What Is The Progressive Scan System

Progressive Scan can make a big difference to the picture quality of a camera

Lens Guide For CCTV and Webcams

Examples to help you choose the right lens for the job.

IP Ratings Explained - how weatherproof is it?

IP Ratings let you know how suitable your camera (and other equipment) is for use in hostile and outdoor environments.

21 Pin Scart Plug Connections and Wiring Information

There is lots more to the humble SCART connection than first meets the eye.

What are DVR and Video Capture Cards

These cards can convert your old PC into a comprehensive surveillance system.

PCI, PCI-E and PCI-X Card Slot Information

How to ensure you get the right card for the right slot.

HD CVI Systems

Whats HD CVI? Take a look here.

IK Ratings Explained - how vandal / impact resistant is it?

Explanation of the International IK rating which denotes how tough an electronic devices enclosure is.

CCTV and the Data Protection Act

A brief explanation of how to comply with a link to the full documentaion from the Information Commissioners Office - ICO

Outdoor Webcams - IP or USB?

A look at outdoor webcams to help you choose between an IP or a USB model for your own website.

 Whats My IP Address

Find out what your current Internet IP address is and check if its static or dynamic.

On Line Webcam Tester

Test your USB webcam, USB video grabber or other Windows WDM capture device on line with our handy webcam tester.

Speed Test Your Broadband

Test your Broadband Internet connection for upload and download speed and quality using our handy test tool. Works on mobiles too.

Responsive iframe Player

If your HTML editor or CMS cant set up a responsive wrapper or container in your page for your webcam iframe - here is how to do it manually

POE Explained

The various types of POE  (Power Over Ethernet) explained and how it is extremely useful for IP Webcam Systems

ePoE System Explained

Long Distance POE and data transmission up to 800 metres from your switch and router on a single cable.

Cat5/CAT5E and CAT6

Explanation of these different network cable types and how best to use them with POE Webcams

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