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Flash Multi Bit Rate

Using Flash Live Encoder For Multi Bit Rate Steaming To Camsecure

With the Camsecure Webcam Hosting and Live Streaming Services you have a number of options for sending us your feed. If you prefer to use the Flash Live Media Encoder and you also want to stream to mobiles using HLS then you will need to set the encoder up for multi bit rate streaming if you also plan to stream large high resolution camera feeds to desktop computers.

This is because a mobile device and connection cant receive streams at such high bit rates, and it would be pointless anyway to stream a high resolution large picture to a mobile device as the size of the screen would mean that you could not benefit from this extra detail.

Flash Multi Bit Rate Settings Screenshot
Adobe Flash Live Media Encoder Settings (FLME) for Multi Bit rate

The settings panel for the FLME on Multi Bit Rate are shown opposite. On the example shown, the input picture size from the camera is 960 x 554 and encoded in H264 with a frame rate of 25FPS.

This is great for desktop machines with fast broadband connections so we have set bit rate 1 to 1500kbps with the default output size of 960 x 540. Bit rate 2 is set for 100kbps with an output picture size of 640 x 360 and would be a good display size and speed for tablets and iPad screens connected over a wireless network. Bit rate 3 is set at 200kbps with an output picture size of 320 x 180 and is an ideal size and speed for mobile phones. When a mobile device connects to the stream it will automatically be adjusted to the correct feed to suit its connection speed.

When a desktop computer connects to the stream using an adaptive bitrate player, it will receive the high speed feed unless the speed of the connection is too slow in which case it will adapt to the best bit rate for the connection. We provide player examples for fixed and adaptive bit rate feeds along with all the instructions you need once you have signed up for your streaming plan and these are then downloadable from the streaming support section.

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