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CCTV Data Protection
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Just a few months after the Data Protection Act actually came into force, it became apparent that clearer guidelines were necessary to help CCTV system owners to run and manage their data storage more appropriately.

For this reason, a CCTV Code of Practice was written by the Data Protection Commissioner as a guide to good practice for CCTV users. CCTV users must register their CCTV systems to be compliant.

This code of practice ensures that the operators of CCTV systems do not infringe on an individuals privacy while maintaining a suitable level of safety and security within the system.

The full document can be found here:- Information Commissioners Office - CCTV

For a CCTV system owner, the Act essentially means that:-

• They must register their CCTV system with the Information Commissioner.
• They must only take footage that is relevant to their property and it's security.
• They should not keep footage longer than it is necessary for a crime to come to light.
• They should warn individuals when they are in a monitored area.
• They should allow access to the footage to anyone who believes that they have been captured on one of the
• They should store captured footage securely so that access to it is strictly monitored.

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