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H264 Plug and Play IP Encoder

Our H.264/AAC low latency IP video encoder provides high quality audio and video suitable for webcam's for websites, video conferencing, IPTV, sport/concert events broadcasting, video surviellance, distance learning, telemedicine and other streaming applications.

The beauty of this device is that apart from the usual direct connection methods which you can use to view the camera and hear the audio connected to the encoder, our ENC1 H264 video encoder can be pre-programmed with your Camsecure live streaming account information so all you need to do to get the stream on line is plug into a power socket and your Internet connection and the encoder automatically connects to our media servers ready to go. All you need to do is embed the code we give you into your own web pages and your stream will be working.

This makes life much easier for you as there is no port forwarding to do, no need for a static IP or dynamic DNS account, just plug it in and the encoder and our servers do it all for you. This is great for a portable system too as its easy to re-locate the encoder to a new network. The encoder accepts standard composite video feeds from any source and audio via standard mic input jack.

H264 Plug and Play IP Video Encoder

Plug and Play Video Encoder


Plug and Play H264 IP Video Encoder Specification

1. TI DaVinci DM368 ARM9 Processor
2. Video Compression: H.264 High Profile @ Level 4.1, 40kbps – 4mbps
3. Video Resolutions: CIF and D1
4. PAL: CIF: 352x288; D1: 704x576 NTSC: CIF: 352x240; D1: 704x480
5. Video Frame Rate: PAL: 2 5, N TSC: 30 fps
6. Audio Compression: AAC/MP3, 8kbps - 160kbps
7. Network protocols: RTSP, RTP, UMS, TCP, UDP, HTTP, PPPoE, DHCP, DNS
8. Composite RCA Video Input
9. PTZ Control
10 Motion detection
11 Built-in Microphone
12 Stereo Audio input via 3.5mm jack
13 GPIO, RS485
14 Built-in Web Server
15 Web based viewing and management
16 Power source DC 12V 3.5W

The CSENC1 IP video encoder is a very versatile device and its most prominent feature is its ability to connect automatically to our streaming media service in plug and play mode removing the need for the user to program routers or pay for static IP addresses or set up DNS accounts. The IP hardware allows streaming of hardware-encoded H.264/AAC audio-video via our central streaming servers, with no software encoding process involved.

The CSENC1 also supports three different modes of streaming at the same time: streaming directly to a web browser (traditional IP Camera mode); streaming via RTSP protocol to RTSP players and streaming servers; streaming via connection to our live streaming service.
The same stream can be viewed online with Flash player on any Flash-enabled computer or device, with iOS devices, with Set-Top boxes, with RTSP players, with Android devices including phones and tablets.

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