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IP Webcams and Cameras
8 Channel HD/SD - IP Encoder

Our 8 channel IP Video encoder provides 8 individual camera inputs each of which can connect to an Analogue CVBS video camera, or an HD CVI camera or an AHD camera and then stream individual channels through our live streaming service and to your website. If you are a developer you can use it in your own custom application too. Designed specially to allow easy and low cost connection of any analogue or or coaxial HD camera (CVI/AHD) this excellent unit can be used to run up to 8 video feeds through our streaming service and then to your website and can also be used for other other streaming applications.

Each channel is streamed independently too, so you could have a mixture of camera types and stream them to different web pages or even different web sites indepenentlof each other. In addition to HD-CVI and HD-AHD cameras the encoder accepts standard composite video feeds from any source and one channel of audio can be included with the main and sub stream of channel 1 via standard RCA input plug.

H264 Plug and Play IP Video Encoder

8 Channel IP Video Encoder


Plug and Play H264 IP Video Encoder Specification

1. 8 Channels of independant video 
2. CVBS, CVI, AHD cameras can connect on any video input 
3. Video Resolutions: 1080N / 720P / 960H / D1 / CIF
4. Single channel audio input on Channel 1 
5. Independent Frame Rate Adjustment 
6. Independent Bit Rate Adjustment 
7. Sub Stream available on all 8 inputs 
8. HDMI and VGA output for local programming and viewing 
9. Independent Image Adjustment on all channels 
10 Internet Time Adjustment for accuracy and Summer/Winter change 
11 Supplied with USB Mouse for easy setup 
12 Video Input via standard BNC connector
13 RTSP streaming
14 Built-in Web Server
15 Web based viewing and management
16 Power source DC 12V - Power Supply Included
17 Dimensions:- 200mm x 200mm x 40mm
18 Weight just 0.55Kg

The CSENC8 IP video encoder is a very versatile device and even has VGA and HDMI monitor outputs to allow easy programming and set up without the need for a PC which also allows real time local monitoring of all the inputs. The IP Encoder also has an additional sub stream for each main stream so you can stream the same channel at lower resolution for another service if required.

The CSENC8 also supports direct access via web browserfo viewing and setup. But the real advantage of this great device is its low cost ability to stream multiple cameras though our live streaming service straight to your own web site. Whats more when you by an Encoder from us we give you a great deal on streaming too

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