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A selection of useful cables and tools to enable you to finish your CCTV or webcam project. Our BNC plugs are very high quality crimp style plugs in 3 parts with gold plated centre pin and our CAT5e and RG59 crimp tool kits are easy to use and very high quality tools, each supplied in handy carry cases.

10 Metre HDMI Cable

10 Metre HDMI Cable

A high quality 10 metre HDMI extension cable with high quality screen and connectors at each end. Colour Black.


10 Metre VGA Cable

10 Metre VGA Cable

A 10 metre VGA extension cable. NOTE this cable is designed to be connected to the existing cable from the equipment i.e. to extend from the original cable therefore an existing VGA monitor cable must also be used.
10m VGA Extension
Must use an exsisting VGA cable
Colour: Grey


20 Metre Composite and Power Cable

20 Metre Video Audio and Power Cable

A 20 metre cable containing two individually screened cables with phono plugs at each end plus a power cable with a male at one end and a female at the other, all in a single small flexible cable.


RG59 BNC Crimp Plugs

BNC Crimp Plug

RG59 BNC Crimp Plugs, the professional way to terminate your CCTV cables. Plug is 3 part construction with a gold plated centre pin.
For RG59 cable
Three peice construction
Supplied in packs of 10


CAT5e Crimp Tool Kit

CAT5e Crimp Tool Kit

A great tool kit for crimping your RJ45 network plugs on to your CAT5e Cable run.

1x RJ45 crimp tool
1x CAT-5 cable striping tool
1x punch tool with 2 replacement blades
50x RJ45 plugs
50x RJ45 protection caps


RG59 Crimp Tool Kit

RG59 Crimp Tool Kit

Make life easier with this RG59 (coaxial cable) BNC crimp plug tool kit.

1x RG59 crimp tool
1x RG59 cable striping tool
1x RG59 cutting tool
Handy carry case


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