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PCI and PCI-E Cards BT878a Chip

This selection of PCI and PCI Express video capture cards use the very well supported BT878a chipset ensuring good compatibility with both Windows and Linux based operating systems. The cards are supplied with DVR software which will run on the Windows 32 bit operating system up to Windows 7. The cards can also be used with Zoneminder on the Linux operating system and we provide the basic settings you need for this, but you must be an experienced Linux user.

There are card options available to allow from 4 to 32 channels to be used by using multiple cards on a single machine and card types for both the PCI and the PCI Express type card slots.

Audio channels are included on some models and the card build quality is excellent with enough heat dissipation available through the card itself to remove the need to fit extra heatsinks to the video processor chips. Cards with D type connectors are supplied with fly lead to BNC adaptors as standard and BNC to RCA converters are also available if needed.

4 Channel 20 FPS Capture Card - Basic Model Using A Single Connexant BT878a chip

4 Channel single chip BT878a card

This card provides a total card frame rate of 20FPS. This means that if it is used for a single camera then you can get up to 20 frames per second, but if it is used with all 4 inputs active then you will get just 5 frames per second per camera.

Often 5 frames per second is enough for security use as this still gives you 5 movements per second so you would have to move pretty quick to hide a movement from being recorded.

The card is supplied with Windows software which will operate on Windows 32 bit versions right up to Windows 7.

Resolutions of 320x240, 640x240, 640x480, 640x480 are available and only 1 card can be used in the supplied software per Windows system.

When using Linux it is possible to use up to 4 of these cards.


Currently Unavailable

4 to 16 Channel 120 FPS Card With Audio Using 4 x BT878a Video Chips

GV 800C capture card

The 800C card can be configured as a 4 - 8 - 12 or 16 channel card with a maximum frame rate across the card of 120 FPS which is divided across the channels that are used i.e. when used in 4 channel mode this card will provide the highest frame rate per channel.

With this card only 1 piece can be used in a system running the windows software supplied so this card is suitable for a system size of 4 to 16 channels with a maximum total frame rate of 120FPS across all used channels.

The card can run at resolutions of 320x240, 640x240, 640x480, and this BT878a capture card also has a 4 channel audio input facility.

The software that is supplied with this card runs on Windows 32 bit operating systems up to Windows 7 and this card is also supported in Linux.


Currently Unavailable

4 to 16 Channel 120 FPS With Audio - up to two cards per Windows machine

GV800D capture card

The 800D card can be configured from 4 to 16 channels on board with a total card frame rate of 120FPS i.e. 120FPS performance is divided across all used channels only.

Up to 2 x 800D cards can be used in a single windows system so you can taylor the system for a balance of performance and size according to your needs. For example you can use 2 x cards both set to 4 channel mode giving you an 8 channel 240FPS system providing a maximum frame rate of 30FPS per channel.

Alternatively both cards could be set to 16 channel mode so you would then have 32 channels with a system frame rate of 240FPS providing a maximimum frame rate per channel of 7.5FPS.

Windows 32 bit software is supplied and will run on systems up to Windows 7. Card is also supported in Linux.


Currently Unavailable

4 to 16 Channel 120 FPS High Performance Card PCIE Card Slot Required

GV 800E capture card

The 800E card brings together all the features of the 800D card with a PCI Express card slot format.

This PCI-E capture card uses the BT878a chipset which is very well known and supported across Windows and Linux operating systems.

As with the 800D you can use up to 2 cards in one machine to build a 32 channel DVR system with a total system frame rate of 240FPS or just use a single card for between 1 to 16 channels at 120FPS total card frame rate.

As this card uses the PCI Express slot it can be used in a large variety of the latest computer motherboards which utilise this fast space saving card slot format. Resolutions of 320x240, 640x240, 640x480 and 4 x audio inputs are available. Supplied with Windows software fromr XP up to Windows 7 in 32 bit mode. Linux compatible too.


Currently Unavailable

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