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Live Webcam looking down the runway at Blackbushe Airport, UK
Live runway webcam from the Blackbushe Cafe

Sorry This Webcam Is Now Decommissioned

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Historical information about this webcam

The Blackbushe Cafe has two web cams and the one viewed here looks down the runway with a lovely clear view from the patio.

Blackbushe Airport is based in Camberley and has a rich history. The airport came into being in 1942 as RAF Hartford Bridge, and it was used by RAF squadrons throughout the rest of the Second World War for reconnaissance, defence and strike operations using Spitfires and Mosquitoes. blackbushe was also home for the Free French Squadron at that time.
During the attacks by the V1 flying bombs, 322 squadron were given the task of trying to destroy the rockets in the air before they could reach their target and shot down two in their very first attempt.
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