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Waterford Webcam Ireland
Live Webcam from Waterford City in Ireland

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Historical information about this webcam

This live webcam is from Waterford City in the Republic Of Ireland and looks South along the Mall, including Menapia Building and Waterford Crystal showrooms.

Waterford is the oldest city in the country. Viking raiders were first to establish a settlement near Waterford in 853 but in 902, the Vikings were driven out by the native Irish. Waterford City is situated at the head of Waterford Harbour and the city motto (once translated) is "Waterford remains the untaken city".
The climate of Waterford is much like the rest of Ireland and classified as a maritime temperate climate which is mild and changeable with plenty of rainfall with rarely any temperature extremes.

Today, Waterford is known for Waterford Crystal, from the city's former glass making industry manufactured in the city from 1783 until 2009,
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