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Watchout External Detector

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Rokonet Watchout External Movement Detector


The Watchout external dual PIR detector is a high quality 12m PIR external detector, using digital correlation technology to ensure only required activations are signalled. Ideal for triggering alarm inputs to speed domes and DVRs. Comes complete with 23m curtain lens option. 12v operation. Outside Movement Detectors have never been so reliable.

Anti-mask protection is achieved by 4 active IR channels that continuously monitor and warn of any lens masking attempts.

Digital Correlation Technology ensures that that only targets that cause similar and correlated signal patterns in both PIR channels are taken into account. This eliminates false alarms from pets, reflections, car headlights, and rapid temperature changes caused by wind or changing sun/shade patterns from cloud movement.

The WatchOUT external movement detector is ideal for use with CCTV systems due to its high immunity to false activations. It can be used in a number of ways to enhance CCTV systems and provide reliable outdoor detection of intruders in many applications.

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