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Dual Glass Technology Explained

Dual Glass Technology for CCTV cameras and webcams is quite a simple invention, but it has provided the cure for IR reflection on cameras with built in IR led's for night vision.

When All In One cameras first came about - that is day night cameras with built in IR LED's, they had the IR LED's behind the front camera glass along with the lens which was butted right up against the glass with a rubber seal around it to prevent the IR light from reflecting back into the lens.

This works great - until dirt and dust collect on the front of the glass. When this occured, the IR light would hit the dirt and then be relected back through the thickness of the glass ultimately ending up shining into the lens.

This is completely cured by using dual glass technology. What this means is that the LED's are still behind the main protective glass front of the camera, but the lens is contained in a sealed tube with a glass front which protrudes through the front glass of the camera about a milimetre or so. This is environmentally sealed and is completely weatherproof to IP66 with Camsecure cameras.

Dual Glass picture

This has the effect of totally isolating the lens from the IR LED's so no light can be reflected through the glass and into the lens if dirt builds up on it. This is a simple and excellent solution to the problem and is now used on all Camsecure "all in one" CCTV cameras, IP cameras and Webcams. This does not cure the Spider problem though and a web spun in front of the camera will be invisible during the day but will glow radiantly at night when bombarded with IR light.

During operation you may see a mist build up on the inside of the glass covering the LED's on this type of camera. This is quite normal as the heat from the LED's on the cold glass can form some condensation like on the inside of a window on your house. The mist will not affect the view of the camera as the dual glass completely isolates the lens compartment from the LED section.

You can see some of our Weatherproof Outdoor IP Webcam kits using dual glass technology in our Live Demo Section. All Camsecure Cameras, Domes, Webcams and IP Webcams that have built in IR LED's are equipped with dual glass technology.

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