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Webcam images emailed to you

Getting your Images Emailed to you

You can set your Camsecure IP Webcam to email you images when it detects movement. All you have to do is go into the email configuration section of the Webcam Software or IP Camera and enter a few details as if you were setting up a new email address in your email program. You will need to enter the Email server name e.g. then your user name to receive the email e.g. then the email address of the sender e.g. then your password for the email account e.g. password. You have to do this because you have to tell the camera or software which email address is sending the image and which one is receiving it. Each time the camera detects movement your images will be emailed to you along with your message e.g. movement detected and the time and date of the event.

Email setup screen

Some service providers have restrictions or unusual port allocation for receiving emails so you need to get all the required information so you can fill in all the boxes above correctly. If you cant get the camera to email to your address try another provider as often free email providers will block devices like these. However if you have your own website e.g. your email@your then you should have no trouble.

Another advantage of the Camsecure 600 series is that when they email you an image detected by movement, they can also send you their current IP address so you can log back in straight away to watch the live feed even if you have a dynamic IP as the new address will be reported to you.

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