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GAP Queens University Webcam
Live Webcam from the GAP weather station

Sorry This Webcam Is Now Decommissioned

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Historical information about this webcam

This live view is from a Camsecure Weatherproof IP Camera Kit 1 and is installed at the Queens University in Belfast, Ireland UK where it forms part of the GAP weather station there. This live camera in Belfast shows a wide angle view of the Belfast skyline from the roof looking towards the famous 'Cave Hill.

Queen's University Belfast has a record of academic achievement which stretches back more than 150 years and the university was founded by Queen Victoria.
The GAP Weather Station was installed on the Geography Building in December 2009. The station, a Davis Vantage Pro, is automatic and transmits measurements wirelessly to an internet connected computer. The camera used is a wide angle model to allow as much skyline to be taken in with just a single camera as possible
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