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Gloucester Ghost Watch
Live Ghost Watch Webcam from a pub in Gloucester

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Historical information about this webcam

Ghost Watch Live Webcam from the Dick Whittington's Pub in Gloucester. This building was once a town house for the Whittington family who owned the manor and estates at Pauntley near Newent from 1311 to 1546. In 1455 the house was occupied by Richard Whittington, Lord of Stounton who was probably the son of Robert of Puntley, the brother of the famous Dick Whittington.. In the early 17th Century John Taylor, a member of the common council in Gloucester occupied the building. He was severely censored by fellow councillors in April 1604 for allowing one one of his servants to die of the plague. while he entertained the Mayor.
Taylor was immediately expelled from the council and ordered to pay £100 for the relief of those that had been infected as a result of his actions. The front door was then boarded up, but they never new that Taylor had left another servant in the cellars to die alone of the plague, and she was never found. You can see a live webcam from the entrance to the Dick Whittington looking up Westgate street here.

Some of the reported Ghostly incidents at "Dick Whittington's"

Some people have said that when they go into the ladies toilets, which were the cellars in 1604, they feel very weepy and frightened and cant stay in there for very long. In 2005 a hunched figure seen walking around the cellar was just one of the ghosts which caused the owners of this haunted public house to call in paranormal investigators. Lights have also been seen floating over the bar, while furniture moves itself around the building. Previously, a ghostly man wearing a flat cap caused workmen to flee the building.
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