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Lossiemouth Webcam Showing Harbour Entrance

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Historical information about this webcam

In the 17 hundreds, the harbour at lossiemouth was first built at the mouth of the river. However it was not a success, so over a hundred years later, a new harbour was carved out of the rock at Stotfield Point which was a commercial triumph.

Some time later, the harbour started attracting fishing vessel's and the arrival of the railway ensured rapid growth. Now Lossiemouth Marina is a great leisure attraction and home to a wide variety of Yachts and other vessels.
Lossiemouth is a town in Moray, Scotland. Originally the port belonging to Elgin, it became an important fishing town and there has been over a 1,000 years of settlement in the area. The decision to build a new harbour on the River Lossie inthe 18th Century led to the building of the town of Lossiemouth.
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