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St. Michaels Tower Gloucester
View from the top of St. Michaels Tower, Gloucester

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Historical information about this webcam

St Michael’s Tower stands on the highest part of Gloucester city, right where the four main streets, Northgate, Southgate, Eastgate and Westgate streets cross. Standing around 25 metres high, the tower was built on the site of the nave of a previous church dedicated to St Michael the Archangel.

St. Michaels tower was built around 1465 and has been a familiar sight in Gloucester for over 500 years, spanning the reigns of 23 kings and queens.
Originally an elaborate stone cross – the High Cross – which was 10.3 metres high stood in the centre of the cross roads. It was taken down in 1751 because of the congestion around it as it would provide, “better convenience for carriages”.
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