What Can A Webcam Do For Me?
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What can a Camsecure Webcam do for ME
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Weatherproof IP Webcam Kits - wide range to choose from
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A Live Webcam can do wonders for your business. You can show visitors to your website exactly what they can expect to see from the window of
your hotel or guest house. Let them look at your beautiful green golf course or watch live sailing activites. This will help convert potential customers
into paying customers and bring new paying members to your club. Let your site visitors see what goes on at your organic food production plant or
other service so your potential customers can see exactly whats involved in producing the products they enjoy.
Live Sailing Club Webcam using This Camera Kit
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Live webcams let your site visitors connect with you on a more personal
level. Watchng at a live camera on your site is much more reassuring
than looking at a photo that may have been taken years ago.

People who contact you after seeing your live webcam already feel like
they know you and your business and are much more likely to become
a customer.

If you have something you think your potential customers would like to
see, let them see it with a Camsecure live webcam.

See our Live Demonstration Section for some great examples including
hotels, Golf clubs, Catering venues and many more.

Camsecure webcams can be streamed from anywhere directly to your
own website and we supply the necessary code and any support
required to help you or your web design company get you live webcams
running quickly and efficiently.

We also provide a professional Webcam Installation Service if your not
confident to fit it yourself and for larger webcam projects too.

If you dont have a website then we can host the webcam for you for free
or even build you a custom site to show your cameras. Our live streams
are visible to all browsers and operating systems so your customers will
always be able to see them, even if using Firefox on a Mac.

You can have live streaming webcams or time lapse webcams to suite
your needs and our IP webcam kits dont need a PC - they just plug
straight into your Internet connection.

Webcams can be used for security too and even displayed on mobile
phones. If your using webcams for security and dont want them freely
available for all to see then they can be password protected so only
authorised people can view them.

Our Weatherproof IP Webcam and Weatherproof USB Webcam kits
come with everything you need to get you webcam up and running and
streaming to your website. Instructions and code samples are included
and we offer technical support. Our IP Webcam kits plug straight into
your router so you dont even need a PC to stream directly to your site.
Camsecure Webcams are used all over the UK and in fact, the world, to stream live pictures to peoples website. Our IP Webcam kits are special for two reasons. Number
one, they dont need a PC to be switched on as they connect directly to your router. More importantly, number two - they stream into our code which then allows ANY graphic
browser e.g. Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer etc. to display the images correctly on the PC, Macintosh or even Linux operating systems, and most modern
smart phones including the Blackberry and the iphone.

Many other systems and cameras are reliant on Internet Explorer only which is not good if your customers are viewing your site from their printing company using Macs. This
could potentially lose you customers - so we sorted that one out straight away.

With Camsecure IP Webcam kits your site will always be able to show your live cameras to your customers.
Time Lapse Weatherstation Webcam using This Camera Kit
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