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Wireless 5.8GHz Analogue CCTV

We no longer supply the Camsecure Analogue 5.8 Ghz radio CCTV system. Analogue wireless transmission is now being surpassed by IP video transmission in full HD and any analogue systems still in use will suffer from interference from digital systems more and more as IP equipment increases on the 5.8Ghz band.

If you have analogue cameras that must be used and transmitted wirelessly then you can use our long range wireless IP links and an encoder at the camera end and a decoder at the receiving end. This will only be cost effective if the analogue cameras are of high quality to warrent the extra cost of the encoder/decoder so it may be more cost effective to simply swith to IP cameras and then use the long range links. But if you really have to use analogue over wireless then this solution works and you can find all the equipment needed on this site - or just contact us.

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