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ePoE Long Distance System

Our ePoE Power Over Ethernet equipment is ideal for when you need to power a camera and bring back its data over a very long distance without using multiple boosters or repeater switches. Using the correct combination of camera and network switch you can use a single Cat5 or Cat6 cable up to 800 metres long between your Internet connection and the camera. The conventional approach is to add repeater devices to extend the transmission range. However, this increases equipment and installation costs as a power supply and junction box are required to install the repeater. It also makes the system harder to maintain and increases the risk of product failure.

 Using ePoE It greatly simplifies network construction, as only one cable is required to connect from the front-end to the back-end devices, which results in higher reliability and lower installation and maintenance costs for the whole system. If you are installing a single camera at long distance or a webcam then you can simply use an ePoE switch between your router or existing NVR and the ePoE camera. If you were going to connect multiple cameras to an NVR for security then you could just use an ePoE NVR.

ePoE over 800 metres
Standard POE for long distance

As you can see from the diagrams, for long cable runs ePoE is the way to go providing the camera type you need can support it. Check out our IP section to find our range of PoE and ePoE cameras and switches.

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