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Underwater Camera In Case

Our fish style under water camera is available in a portable carry case which has a built in LCD monitor. The under water camera kit also includes a 12 volt power adaptor, a set of battery leads and a rechargeable 12 volt battery so you can power the system and view the pictures from the camera right at the waters edge if you need to, all contained in the smart carry case.

The fish style under water monitoring kit has a 20 metre length cable on the camera, and the camera can operate down to a maximum depth of 18 metres below the water.

Portable Underwater Fish Style Camera Kit

Underwater Fish Style Camera and Monitor kit

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Underwater Camera Specification

Sensor size: 1/3 inch CCD or CMOS
Total Pixels: 600 TVL
Video 1V P-P Composite video at 75 ohm termination
Viewing angle: 92 degree
Camera led light: 2PCS - white LEDS, 1 on each side
Leds adjustable on or off
Cable length: 20 meters, (Can be extended)
Current: 100MA
Power Supply:DC 12V
Camera size: 190mm x 90mm
Camera case material: strong plastic
Camera glass: saphire glass
Maximum Depth: 18 metres

Monitor specification:

7" Color monitor
Monitor Total Pixels: 800(H) X 480(V)
Monitor power supply: DC 12V
OSD language: english (10 languages available)
Up, down left, right adjustable
16:9 model
Built in flip up sunshade
Operating Temperature: -20 degree to +60 degree
Portable aluminum case

The portable underwater fish styled camera in a case is ideal for use as an inspection tool, as a fish finding tool or just to be nosey about whats happening under water in your pond. they can be powered from the mains to 12 volts DC adaptor or from a rechargeable 12 volt battery. The monitor has a video input and output so you can relay the image on to another device easily if you need to and you could even power it from the 12 volt DC accessory outlet in your car.

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