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What Is HD CVI?

HD CVI stands for:- High Definition Composite Video Interface (HDCVI) Technology

HDCVI is High Definition video transmission using standard CCTV grade coaxial cable. This is really great for upgrading older analogue systems to HD as you dont have to replace all the cabling.

HD CVI allows you to send HD video over long distances using existing RG-59 coaxial cable, and typically this technology can transmit HD over analog in 1080p up to 300m and 720p up to 500m.

Analogue systems based on coaxial cabling are still in heavy use and will be for some time to come, however the demand for high definition is increasing as the benefits of true HD pictures for security surveillance are clear and this HD CVI equipment means you can have HD without having to fully upgrade to IP technology.

Another advantage of HD CVI is that you can also send audio and PTZ control data down the same existing RG59 grade coaxial cable so it even simplifies the upgrade process further.

If you need HD picture quality but have an existing CCTV system, you dont need to rip everything out and start again, simply upgrade to HD CVI. Camsecure DVR's will even accept both conventional analogue cameras and the new HD CVI so you can upgrade your DVR first then add HD cameras as your budget permits.

HD CVI Data Transfer Diagram

By being able to send 3 Signals Over 1 Coaxial Cable: Video: Audio: Control data a saving in installation cost is made even when adding to new HD CVI systems and the equipment itself is no more expensive than conventional analogue systems, sometimes even cheaper.

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