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IP Webcams and Cameras
HD PTZ Dome with 25X Zoom

IP PTZ Dome (pan tilt zoom) with greater than 1080P resolution capability and a full 25 times optical zoom, ideal solution for when you want to be able to take in many different views at really far distances. These cameras can be programmed to automatically pan and tilt and then zoom in and focus to up to 300 pre set views and are designed to be left running continually. You can set up your views and the dwell times on each one and even give each view a name, and then leave the camera to perform these actions and display the live stream on your own web site using our streaming service or connect it to one of our NVR's for security and recording. We also have a plug and play version so you dont need to open ports on your router for greater security.

Camera has built in scheduler function so you can program the camera to start a tour in the morning and stop the tour in the evening when its darker pausing on a really great night view until its time to start patrolling again next morning.

The camera also has an Audio Input will take sound from our weatherproof microphone so by adding this to your camera you can stream live sound along with the HD picture. Camera is supplied with a wall bracket but we also have corner mount and pole mount brackets if you need them. This HD Dome camera also has IR LED lighting built in with a range of up to 100 metres.

HD 1080P  PTZ Dome with 25X Zoom

High Definition PTZ Dome

From £686.00


HD 1080P Pan Tilt Zoom Dome Specification

25X magnification by Optical Zoom to pick out your best views
Auto Focus for crisp picture at all times
Full 1080P HD website display
25FPS live website display
Excellent low light colour reproduction
IR illuminators with 100 metre range for monochrome view in total darkness
300 preset positions available
8 programmable tours each with 30 preset capacity
Individual preset go to speed on tour
Individual preset dwell time on tour
Individual preset name display on tour
Additional owner information display line available on live picture
Auto pan between two points available
Built in Scheduler to schedule tours or presets
Auto synchronize time clock over Internet
Auto Summer Winter change over and update
Can be wall mounted
Can be used with corner mount bracket (available seperately)
Can be used with Swan Neck bracket (available seperately)
Can be used with Parapet mount bracket (available seperately)
Operates via High POE for long distance poer over ethernet
Comes with safety chain for mount safety
Audio input for connection of external michrophone or other audio source
Operating Temperature : -40°C to +70°C
Operating Humidity: <95%
IP67 & IK10 TVS 6000V Lightning Proof, Surge Protection
Dimensions (camera only) 270.4 mm × Φ160 mm 
Weight (camera only) 2.Kg

This as most excellent camera for your website. Your visitors can watch it pan tilt and zoom to areas of interest pausing at each point and with a label at each view so they know what they are seeing. The scheduler enables you to have the camera patrolling during the day then switch to another patrol or static preset at a specific day of the week e.g. a weekend tour and a week tour or a day tour and a night preset/park position.

We can also supply a plug and play version of this camera for easier self installation.

To get the most from our PTZ webcams we do recommend using our professional installation service.

By connecting our weatherproof microphone to the audio input of this camera and using our webcam hosting service you will be able to put a real time HD webcam on your own site streaming live real time video and audio for your viewers to enjoy. Imagine your hotel or guest house view being streamed to your site showing prospective customers the look and sounds from your seaside location. thats a serious edge over your competitors.

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