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Club Information On Your Live Stream

Our Information Video option is a great way to inform your webcam viewers about your club or organisation. You could use it to show a brief video about club facilites or a quick introduction to your organisation. Maybe even give some information regarding membership and how to join the club oe subscription information to your organisation. You can have the live feed autoplay, but if your video includes audio its best to have the viewer click the play arrow to start the display otherwise the video playback will be muted due to web browser policies. The choice is yours. This is included with business and Professional plans. For other plans this option is available for an additional £1.00 per month.

This demonstration shows a live feed with a video inserted one minute into the live feed as a one off play item which you would use as an information video to provide additional information in video form about your club or organisation.

How Our Information Video Option Works

Our Information Video option will play your own information video either directly at the start of your live feed i.e. as soon as someone starts to view your live camera or you can have it interrupt the live feed and play a minute or so after your viewer starts to view your live webcam.

You can have an option to skip the video after 5 seconds too so viewers who have already watched your video or those just not intersted can skip the video and continue with their viewing of your live webcam.

Use this option to provide additional information or reinforce information already shown on your site in text form.

The video files need to be .mp4 format and ideally be relatively short so as not to spoil the effect of your live stream but the length is up to you. 

NOTE: Video content is your responsibilty and must not infinge on any coyright material what so ever and must not be pornographic or adult in nature. Any material broadcast which does not comply or any valid complaints regarding content will result in the immediate termination of the live stream and advertising facility.

Available Options Include

Pre-Roll Video - Video will play when the viewer first begins watching your live webcam and will play each time the webcam is viewed. Skip after 5 seconds.

Mid Roll Video - Video will play a minute or two into after the viewer starts watching your live webcam and can be skipped after 5 seconds.

Skip Option - Can be used to allow viewer to skip the video after a short interval of the video playing e.g. 5 seconds or so.

Go To URL - Video can be set with a go to URL when the viewer clicks in the screen e.g. a membership form.

Can I use this feature as an advert?

The information video feature is designed to allow you to play a one off additional information video regarding facilites or features of your club/organisation. You can advertise your own club or business but it is not intended for running adverts for third parties or other advertising campaigns. This option is designed as an added feature to your club/organisation to enhance its operation and bring additional knowledge about it to your web site viewers. If you want to run money making adverts then you need our Run Your Own Adverts option described here.

What Format Should My Information Video File Be & How Do I Host It?

Your Video Fille should be .mp4 format, ideally 720P - 1080P max resolution for best device compatibility. Make sure it is good quality and gets the point over quickly. Depending on the length of the information video you may want to allow your viewer to SKIP the video once they have watched a few seconds of it and continue with the live feed. Let us know and we can set that up in your player for you.

If you are using a pretty standard video that you want to show at all times e.g. an information video about a club or organisation that will not be changing often then we can securely host it for you.

If you are planning to change the video at regular intervals however e.g. showing seasonal or special event information then you will need to host the video file yourself so you can make all the changes to the file as and when required then upload it to your hosting server. This location can be your own web server on a business machine or your web site hosting server etc. But the server must be secure with a valid HTTPS security certificate in place and CORS (Cross-Origin Resource Sharing) enabled so our system can securely access your secure video and broadcast it via your live feed. If you are using a web host provider they will be able to set this up for you - if it is not set up already and if you are showing multiple content on your own site in your own pages already then most likely this will already be in operation.

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