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IP Video Decoder - Display Unit

Our IP Video Decoder and Display unit is designed to allow you to directly show the output from our IP cameras on a large screen TV or Monitor via its HDMI or VGA inputs without the need for a PC or a smart TV web browser. The IP decoder unit directly decodes the streams from your cameras for instant display on your TV or monitor. This is ideal for  visual displays of your cameras for public display in shops or bars and restaurants, or any other venue where you need to easily display the pictures from your live cameras.

The encoder can be configured to connect directly to the cameras so the display can be independant of a security recorder and will operate alongside our live streaming service, so you can have your webcams streaming to your website and still have a secondary large screen HD display of your cameras on a local screen with no interference to your web site stream.

IP Decoder & Display Unit

IP Video Decoder and Display Unit


IP Decoder & Display Unit Specification

Up to 1080p display output
1x HDMI output
1x VGA output
1x BNC output
1x HDMI / 1x BNC Audio ouputs
H.264 video decoding
16x Alarm inputs
8x Alarm outputs
Display split: 1/4/9/16
Up to 4 channels 1080P decoding
Up to 8 channels 720P decoding
Up to 16 channels D1 decoding
Ethernet: RJ45 (10/100/1000M)
Size: 440 x 300 x 42mm
Power Consumption: Max 10W
Working Enviroment: -0°C- 55°C 10~90%RH 86~106kpa
Weight: 3.00Kg

So if you want to be able to display your IP webcams on a large screen TV or Monitor, without the need for a PC or even a smart TV then this is the unit to do the job. This gives you the flexibility of IP cameras without the requirement for a computer and software for remote fixed viewing locations or large screen demonstrations and displays.

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