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Long Range Wireless Bridge 

Our long range wireless IP bridge PRO kit provides a super reliable high speed line of sight data link with a range of 3Km (over 1.8 Miles) in ideal conditions. These kits are for professional applications and are supplied with an excellent built in operating system that allows easy setup with a PC and even includes diagnostic tools and network management system.

The design incorporates integrated high gain antenna 15dB and supplied with mounting bracket for pole or wall mount. The devices can be mounted either vertically or horizontally - but both must have the same orientation for maximum range. Each unit is supplied with a 24 Volt Passive POE injector which must be used for powering them

Long Range Wireless Bridge Kit

Long Range WiFi Propellar Bridge


Suitable Mounting Pole and Fixings Here

Long Range Wireless Bridge Kit Specification

WLan Standard: IEEE 802.11 a/n, iPoll (proprietary)
Link Frequency: 5Ghz band
Link Speed: 100Mbps Max
Antenna Gain: 15dBi
Wireless Operating Modes: Access point (auto WDS), Access point (TDMA2), Access point (TDMA3) Station (WDS, TDMA2, TDMA3), station (ARP NAT)
Wireless Techniques: Smart station polling, Smart auto-channel, Adaptive auto modulation, automatic transmit power control (ATPC)
Wireless Security: WPA/WPA2 personal, WPA/WPA2 enterprise, WACL, User isolation
Wireless QOS: 4 queues prioritization on TDMA
Network Operating Modes: Bridge, Router
WAN: Static IP, DHCP Client, PPPoE Client
NAT: Routing w/ or w/o NAT
Static Routing: Supported
DHCP: Client, Server, Relay
Port Forwarding: Supported
VLAN: Supported for management and data
RJ45 Port: 10/100 Base-T, RJ45
Management: HTTP(S) GUI, SSH, SNMP read, WNMS, Telnet
Tools: Site survery, Link test, ping, traceroute, spectrum analyzer, delayed reboot
Dimensions: 128 x 97 x 40mm
Weight: 200g
Power Supply: 24v Passive POE (Injector Included)
Power Consumption: 4.5W
Operating Temperature: -40°C - +65°C
Humidity: 0 - 90% (non-condensing)
5.1-5.9 GHz
Gain: 15dBi
Polarization: Dual linear
Cross-pol Isolation : 27dBi
VSWR: <1.4
Azimuth Beam Width (H pol): 30°
Azimuth Beam Width (V pol): 30°
Elevation Beam Width : 30°

This professional grade wireless bridge kit is ideal for adding a high speed super long range link to your IP network over very long distances LOS up to 1.8 miles with high continual data throughput. Connect another building and extend Internet connectivity to it as if it were connected by wire. Can be used to connect all your network equipment, just put a network switch or local WiFi access point at the remote end and connect phones, computers, tablets, your IP cameras etc. direct to your main network. Remember that these devices are designed to operate - LOS (Line Of Sight) which means the devices must be able to physically see each other and wont work over hills or around corners or if anything is blocking their view of each other like buildings or trees etc.

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