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Your Public Internet IP Address

Here is your Public Internet IP address. This is the current IP address of your router on the Internet at this time.

This address is accurate providing that you are using a conventional broadband router or modem connected directly to the Internet. For example if you have a standard domestic Internet connection or a business connection for your own business where your router or hub is connected to the Internet and your computer(s) connect via this hub to the Internet then its highly likely that the above address is correct. There are some instances where this address may be false so read on.

One obvious reason why the above IP address for your Internet connection may be wrong is if you are using one of the many software applications that mask, hide or change the address you are showing on the Internet. Some people use this kind of software to hide their true identity for security reasons and in this case the IP detector on this page will give a false reading as it is being purposely fed the wrong information.

Another reason if you are in a larger organsiation is that you could be behind a "Proxy Server". A proxy server is a computer that acts as a gateway between a local network, such as the computers and local network for your company, and a larger network such as the Internet. Proxy servers are often used for added security or to prevent certain web sites and services from being available to employees in a company or other organsiation. If you are behind a Proxy server then the above address will be incorrect.

BUT if you are a domestic or small business user with your equipment connected to your router and this router is connected to the Internet then this is the address of your router.

If you have a static IP address then you can use the above address to connect to your cameras etc. But if it is not a static address then this will change from time to time which means it is a dynamic address. If it is a dynamic address then you will need to set up a DNS Alias. If you are not sure if you have a static or dynamic address, a good way to be sure is to note the address above, then switch off your router for a minute or two, then switch it back on. Once you are back on line, come back to this page. If the IP address is still the same you very probably have a static IP address. But if it has changed then you most definetly do not have a static address. 

You can find out how to overcome your dynamic IP address problem here.

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